Love is not a hit and run affair..

Love is of two types..

A love which happened just on the surface and a love which exists at the source and center of human existence..

Everything related to the surface of human experience of life, is always connected with an element of fear..

There is fear about new acquaintances, experiences, habits, ways and paths of life etc., Because everything that is concerned with the surface of life is mostly possessive. And fear is what that happens as an outcome of such possessiveness. Whatever you posesses, you could lose..

So surface loves or so called loves are just affairs like hit and run accidents. This is why everybody says, they fell in love. No one says they have risen in love..

Love… Actually is a very beautiful and intense experience. One must never die without having an experience of it..

The opposite to the phenomenon of hit and run love is the eternal love. Eternal love is the love from the soul not from the mind. Eternal love can also be called a matured love..

According to my experience of life, the experience of eternal love happens as a gradual process. It won’t be as rapid as the hit and love or the so called love..

So, one has to be very patient in order to reach and experience the eternal love lying within himself. There is no need to hurry. Whenever love happened on the surface, one has to try to get aware of such experience and with that awareness, he must start moving inward. That’s how one day he reaches his center and becomes absolutely blissful..

Love is phenomenon of spiritual evolution not jut a material pleasure…!

Published by Manojava Krishnaiah @Manoj MK

Just a MAVERICK...!

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