Possibility of Individuality..

A life of an individual is a life from his spirit..

The possibility of life is always there from the body for any living thing..

But it is only for a human life, the scope of having a life experience is there at the body, mind and spirit independently..

A life experienced and lived from the body is animalistic..

A life lived from the mind is possessive and competitive..

A life lived from the spirit is creative and individual..

The happening of life always will be first from the body, then to the mind and at last to the spirit..

Happening of life to the body is natural. Later we humans made it possible to the mind through intelligence and civilization..

But happening of life from the mind to the spirit is rare..

This happens to very few people, who later turn out to be individuals..

An individual life is a life from it’s source, not from the surface..

The individual spirit is always found out of seeking, not training..

The possibility of individuality always arise in a person’s life out of failure, insult and rejection..

The spirit grows stronger and stronger facing many struggles on the path of seeking it’s individuality. But in spite of any struggle, one must on compromise on his spirit..

Because spirit is always stronger than the mind..

Mind is false.. Spirit is real…!

Published by Manojava Krishnaiah @Manoj MK

Just a MAVERICK...!

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