Sense of life…

You are what you can sense…

Sensing is the ability of a living thing to have an awareness of life, both inside and outside of it..

For example, the sense of life of a plant or a tree can’t be the same as that of a bird. Again the sense of life of bird species can’t be same as that of animals..

Since animals are again constituted of many species, each specific species of animals have their own sense of lives individually..

This can be particularly observed in various species of animals. The uniqueness and specificness of the physical and mental capabilities and capacities that exist in each species, influence the variations in the sensibilities of various animals..

A dog is a dog. It can’t be a donkey. And a donkey even looking somehow similar to a horse, cannot have an ounce of the nature of a horse..

So, this is how sensibilities vary from one species to another species and thereby very distinctive natures of animals have emerged..

Coming to humans, on the surface(physical) level we all seem to be one single species. But like in the case of animals, deep down human beings are also supposed to be viewed as very distinctive and individual species..

This is because, we humans have an experience of life based on or starting from our souls. We are souls first, before we identify ourselves with our minds and other identities..

No two souls can be viewed as same or even compared based on the expectations of established institutions. No two souls can have the same destiny and purpose..

So, in human beings too, the sense of life cannot be an absolute phenomenon like in the case of animals..

Different souls have different sensibilities of life that are completely individual, independent and totally relative to one another..

This is why there cannot be any sort of competition or comparison between two human beings on earth. It is only the minds that can be competed or compared, not souls. Therefore everybody is unique to himself and also to the rest of the world. Because your sense of life is not same as mine..

Finally, what all I’m trying to say is…

“Sensibilities are soul deep…”

Hope I made a SENSE…!😄💘

Published by Manojava Krishnaiah @Manoj MK

Just a MAVERICK...!

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