On Education…

Education is not what you are taught. It is what you learn…

Education is not about feeding facts into the minds but making them learn, how to think…

Education is a phenomenon that can happen independently to the minds, hearts and souls of people. The ways in which we educate human minds differ from the way we do it with their hearts and souls. On the levels of heart and soul we just need to let them get aware of their true natures, i.e, we just need to let people look into themselves and thereby enhance their perception and experience of lives..

Truly speaking, the phenomenon of education only starts with the mind, but it must not end there. A mode of education which allows and promotes the evolution of life experience of people, is what that can be called as a real education..

So finally, education is never a process of acquiring a qualification. It is the very purpose and even the greatest opportunity for a person, to evolve as a human….!

Published by Manojava Krishnaiah @Manoj MK

Just a MAVERICK...!

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