Truth and humor…

Hahaha… Truth and humor. I sense there is a deep connection and association among these two..

Whatever humorous is always truthful and truth again is always humorous…

These days, I have been reading the works of Oscar Wilde an Irish and a 19th century poet, writer etc.,

I have found most of his works very very nearer to the truth of life, love, people, society, human behaviors etc etc., With every dialogue from his stories or plays, he had always brought a broad smile on my lips. All of them were mostly truthful and therefore simple and again simple, therefore truthful…

I just loved letting myself go through simplicity, truth and humor a lot. In a way, he even made me realize, how humorous life will be if it is lived on truth which finally leads you to a lot of humor…

Therefore, I love Oscar Wilde, I love me, I love truth and finally humor…

“The more truthful a thing is, the more humorous it will be. Same is the case with human beings…!”

Published by Manojava Krishnaiah @Manoj MK

Just a MAVERICK...!

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