On Quotations…


I have a long story to share about my journey and experiences with quotations..

Right from my childhood, I was also told and came across many quotations from many famous personalities all over the globe..

Some of those personalities are Mahatma Gandhi, Swami Vivekananda, Bhagat Singh, Rabindranath Tagore, Abraham Lincoln, Nelson Mandela, Osho Rajneesh etc., etc.,

Whenever I got aware or exposed to those quotations, some of them used to make me smile, some other laugh out loud and some used to make me think…

But what I used to be instinctively sure of was, those quotations must have happened out of the experiences of lives of those people. They are not mere product of minds. They never happened out of their psychological zone. They are not from the minds. But they are from the experiences i.e souls…

Soon, me as an experience of life, started evolving and I came to know that, my estimation and idea about the phenomenon of quotations was not wrong..

As an evolving person, I have taken up an experiment. When a quotation has come out of a person, I used to question myself, “What kind of experience of life might have made him utter such words out of his mouth..?” “How much a persons’s soul must have burnt and evolved to reach such an evolutionary stage of life experience..?”

In this way, I have started trying to experiment with the experiences of such people i.e trying to put myself or going through such similar experiences, what those people had gone through during their lifetimes. And immediately what I came to know is, experimenting with the experiences of others, is only what, that gives you evolution in your experience of life. And this is one of the beautiful paths and ways to human evolution. And that is actually the purpose of a quotation..

So, this is how quotations have played a key role in the enhancement of my life experience and their by evolution…

Thank you…!

Published by Manojava Krishnaiah @Manoj MK

Just a MAVERICK...!

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