Just some Quotes…

Today I’m just feeling like sharing some of the best quotes I have ever came across in my life so far randomly….😄😄

I’m saying, I’m posting these randomly. Means I’m not posting anything from my records. Just sitting before the system, I’m just typing what came to my mind. And I’m saying this because you’ll try to understand how much influence they have on me, to just post without any sort of recollection…😊😊

“To find RICHES is a BEGGER’S dream. To find LOVE is the dream of a KING…”

“Never let a friendly fox into your hen house. One day he is going to get hungry..”

“The most important thing for an artist is his personality..”

“The whole future of the man kind can be found in it’s history…”

“It’s difficult to deceive honest people. In order to con with people, they need to be either greedy or fearful…”

“Where there is LOVE, there is LIFE…”

“I’m a MAN and everything that affects mankind concerns me…”


“The most valuable things in life are always helpless…”


“There is no GOD beyond TRUTH…”

“No one lives in ISOLATION.. What happened to ONE, happens to EVERYONE, some day…”

“LIFE is lived on it’s own.. Others shoulders are used only at the time of funeral…”

“You are the stories you read, stories you go through, stories you tell and finally the ones you choose to ignore..”

“No one knows, what happens between WHO YOU ARE and WHAT YOU BECOME… INSIDE…”

“You are the UNIVERSE in ECSTATIC motion…”

“LIVE… What you LEARN…”

“TRUTH should WIN, no matter who is DEFEATED…”

” LIVE a life that matches your VISION..”

“Never compromise on your standards for anyone…”

“No matter what, don’t come back to what you have evolved…”

“LOVE is the only purpose of DUALITY…”

“I’m not a NOUN.. I’m a VERB…”

“The purpose of life is to just stay alive.. Find that space where your soul feels completely alive…”

“The language of VIOLENCE is understood by all…”

“The people that don’t listen, end up having people who can’t speak, around them…”

“The awakened people just enjoy playing with those who are still asleep… This is all about the game of power…”

Etc., etc., etc.,

Note: This post also contain the quotes which are totally mine and even some of them are spontaneously occurred while making this post…😂😂

Anyway… Thanks for reading…!

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Just a MAVERICK...!

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