YOU…. When passion leads to obsession..

Recently, I have watched the season 1 of the series YOU on Netflix…

It has created a great experiential effect on me. During the lock down my brother has watched it and suggested to me.

Coming to my experience of it, I was just totally dumbstruck and spell bound. Generally I don’t watch any kinds of series and all other related stuff. But lock down forced me also to explore myself by going through many contents which connect to my heart and soul. In that process, I watched various Hollywood films, as usually read many books..

But coming to this one, it has literally touched me very deeply. The way how the unsaid thoughts and emotions of people were captured in this series is just awesome. Being a bibliophile I have totally connected and moved by the characterization of the hero..

The insights it has given me about LOVE, PASSION, LIFE etc., are just too deep, extraordinarily beautiful and unforgettable. Literally after a very long time I have again watched a content, which is potential enough to travel with me for a very long time. Many characters from this series started traveling with me already..

And coming to the dialogues, what an extraordinary lines… I would like to present some quotes here from this series, which are going with me forever..

“The most valuable things in life are always helpless…”

“In order to con somebody easily, you just need to agree with their view of the world..”

“Sometimes we kill somethings, not because we hate them, but because love is more important..” etc., etc.,

Finally, I’m so glad that I have watched a series like this…

Thank you all…!

Published by Manojava Krishnaiah @Manoj MK

Just a MAVERICK...!

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