Sanity… It’s a joke…

Sanity is just a joke…!

Somewhere, I heard someone explaining the definition of insanity one day. What he said is, “Insanity is just an inability of a mind to adjust to a reality..”

If we try to understand the above given definition, reality is a thing which is completely relative and never absolute. Reality is even always subject to change. What is reality for one person, may not be the same to another. In other words, in my view, reality is always a flow. It’s never static and it even can’t be..

So, how can a truly intense and passionate human being adjust and totally mould himself to fit into an existing reality, which is seeming as absolute for a time being..?? Such an attempt is even totally against the phenomenon of life..

Even if we look at people like poets, artists, dreamers, seekers, scientists etc., they are all the ones who totally dismiss their immediate realities and always try to bring something new into the existence. And this attitude is what makes a person passionate, lively and intense. But unfortunately, we call people like these as insane and the ones who live according to the norms created by societies and politicians as absolutely sane people..

Therefore, I feel, being SANE is actually being DUMB..

Life is too short to stay dumb… So. it’s absolutely sane… To be insane…

Thank you…!

Published by Manojava Krishnaiah @Manoj MK

Just a MAVERICK...!

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