On Nature..

Nature is just what prevails naturally..

Nature is what, that brings life and liveliness to the whole existence. Every living thing on planet earth, has a nature..

A sand, a tree, a river, a mountain, a wind, an animal and even we the human beings have our own distinctive natures. In my view, nature is what, that naturally occurs to a living thing. An orientation of life, that every living thing carries, right from it’s birth..

If we carefully observe, every animal has it’s own nature. We’ll find certain distinctive qualities and tendencies in every species of animals, which are totally unique to themselves. I sense, it is the same case with humans too..

Every human being is also unique and therefore very distinctive from another. We cannot find two similar finger prints and iris all around the globe(for example). But these are just physical manifestations of human uniqueness..

Every human being also has a unique nature, that he has drawn from his birth, from his soul. Under the heading INSTINCTS, we can find, what we are made up of by birth. We, in our inside experience of life, already possess a unique material. And our task is just to get aware of it and make a great use of it..

But unfortunately, the societies we grow up in, never allow us to either get aware of our natures or make the manifestations of those natures. This creates a great split(duality) in every person and he just end up fighting with himself for the rest of his life..

So, in my view, there is deep connection between INDIVIDUAL NATURE and the ULTIMATE NATURE. Since animals live very naturally, they end up making their experience of lives very peaceful and joyful. I think this is what is missing in human lives. When a person is allowed to live freely out of his nature, he lives very peacefully and happily..

Man, in the name of civilzation, is getting trained against his own nature and there by causing a great harm to himself and also to the world around him. If this process can be properly introspected, every human becomes a WHOLE and out of his wholeness he starts experiencing peace and love..

So, according to me, it’s the responsibility of every human to get aware of his own nature, and thereby contribute to the peace of the ultimate nature(mother earth) too…

Thank you…!

Published by Manojava Krishnaiah @Manoj MK

Just a MAVERICK...!

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