The genesis of Individuality…

Unfortunately we are not born in a forest..

We are all born in various countries, states, societies, families etc., which are the outcomes of various political and economic systems or organisations prevailing over a specific boundaries of land..

Right from our childhood, we’ll be always subjected to a system. A system of religion, a system of education, system of conscience, a system of livelihood etc. etc.,

The people who are good at those prevailing systems, flourish and excel in the same orientation and direction of those systems. The systems which I’m talking about, are largely the creations of politicians and businessmen. Sometimes, even the order of civilization of the whole globe, based on the inventions and discoveries of the science and technology also influence the existence and evolution of these systems..

But, a person, who has failed in an existing system, without his fault i.e even out of his best efforts, and if such a person is intelligent and courageous enough to look into the operation and defects of that existing system, that man, for such a man the possibility of becoming an individual opens up..

It is at that stage, situation or moment, he opens a new book, that is completely out off his curriculum. That is when he realizes an identity of himself, that is separate from the system to which he is subjected to. And that is how, he becomes distant from the mob and starts growing a self-identification that is totally unique to himself, which happens out of a great sense of introspection and awareness..

So, as far as my experience of life is concerned, individuality starts with failure. The failure of a system in bringing out the potentiality and passion of a person subjected to it. So, whenever a person turns out to be a failure, it must be taken as an opportunity to discover his own innate individuality..

Hence, individuality is one of the greatest discoveries of human life. It’s a matter of self-awareness and evolution.

And moreover, “Individuality is the feature of a highly evolved society..”

Thank you…!

Published by Manojava Krishnaiah @Manoj MK

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