Art is what it is… Not what someone makes out of something….

Art is TRUTH. It is NATURE and even GOD..

The reason why, I have compared art with nature is, art is always natural. It can’t be trained or made learned..

The reason why, I have compared art with truth is, art starts with honesty. And truth is the automatic consequence of it. It is honesty, that leads one towards the truth of anything and everything..

Fundamentally, there is a difference between commercial art and non-commercial art. Commercial art is based on business. It is what, that is made to entertain a set of audience. It is also considered as a profession, which helps people, to make a livelihood out of it, in a society..

But, there is another type of art, which is REAL, ORIGINAL and INDIVIDUAL. And that is non-commercial art..

The heading of “Non-commercial” art includes many categories. But, what I’m taking about is REAL and INDIVIDUAL art…

Real art is something, that happens to every human being at his CORE. It is a dimension that opens itself to everybody, at a particular phrase of life, as a matter of a person’s exposure and interaction with LIFE…

This kind of EXPOSURE and INTERACTION gives various experiences to the person(artist) and the dimension of such experiences take a shape and form and start getting expressed into the outside world. So, what I mean as real art, is such a realistic and experiential expression of an artist..

And even such expression, may turn out into many forms of art like WRITING, MUSIC, SINGING, DANCE, PAINTING, FILM MAKING etc., etc.,

So, real art is what that happens out of human interaction and exposure to life, which everyone of us go through….

So, art is not something that is foreign to life. It is a part and parcel of life and therefore every human being is an artist..

You are an artist and I’m an artist…

It is HUMAN to be ARTISTIC. Because, ART happens out of HE’ART”..

So, every human who has a heart is an artist by nature. But, in order to really become one, what all he needs to do is…

He just needs to get AWARE of his HEART… That’s it….

Thank you…!

Published by Manojava Krishnaiah @Manoj MK

Just a MAVERICK...!

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