Love and Possession….

Have you ever gone through this..??

As far as my experience is concerned, Love is always EFFECT oriented. Not a person or thing oriented.

We get aware of the effect of love within ourselves, by the stimulus that has happened from outside, in the form of a person or a thing. i.e, The people and things that we love are the STIMULI, and the experience of the effect of love, that happens to us, is our RESPONSE..

So, the EXPERIENCE OF LOVE is a response, that happens without our control. It’s involuntary and even completely out off our self-control..

This the reason why, I have understood, LOVE is an EFFECT that is impossible to control, i.e impossible to POSSESS…

If one is truly wounded by love, he will be possessed by the effect of love. Not him being able to control it…

And therefore, arises the concept of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE, in case of one person falling in love with another person…

What we are calling here as UNCONDITIONAL is, one partner not trying to possess or control another, which amounts to an attempt of, invasion of space of FREEDOM, of that other person..

This very important in a relationship because, in life, FREEDOM is always a greater value than LOVE. And in a way, both are complementary. i.e, one needs the other and also one leads to another..

It is through freedom, you’ll reach love and through love, you reach freedom..

This will be the reality of the experience of love, when such a love is MATURED. Love can be regarded as matured, when it is walking towards the path of freedom. Whereas the SO-CALLED LOVE( the love that is born with eyes and ends with skin) is only a game of domination and manipulation..

The so-called lovers never love at all. They just enjoy dominating and manipulating each other for a period of time. And after the satisfaction of the opposite sex attraction, they fail to find a reason to stay together and they BREAK DOWN..( But usually they call this BREAK UP).

So, therefore, I would like to conclude, saying…

LOVE is TRUE, when it is MATURED. And love is said to be matured, when it is on the way to FREEDOM…

So, what I finally believe is…

” If it is LOVE, it cannot be POSSESSED..”

Thank you…!

Published by Manojava Krishnaiah @Manoj MK

Just a MAVERICK...!

9 thoughts on “Love and Possession….

      1. You owe me nothing๐Ÿค— Kindness was put in our heart to share with the world and I am always happy to share it. Giving my kindness and love to others gives me the utmost happiness and pleasure๐Ÿ”ฅโค๐Ÿค—

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