Destination Vs Journey…


LIFE is a MYSTERIOUS phenomenon. In order to experience it, one has to be SENSIBLE, VULNERABLE, FLEXIBLE, HEARTY etc., etc.,

But unfortunately, the purpose of life, has been always viewed as destination oriented. Right from the childhood, a child is conditioned by families and societies, to be goal oriented, i.e destination oriented. But this orientation makes the child lose the very basic experience of, WHAT LIFE IS…

Therefore, what I feel is, every child must be taught and made understood the JOURNEY of life first. Once, a child is put into the path of experiencing the journey of life, then the DESTINATION happens on it’s own, out of that journey…

Destination is not something that is sitting at the end of the journey. The journey so traveled, itself creates the destination over a period of time. And this is how, the MEANS doesn’t get contaminated while attempting to obtain the ENDS…

So, this is why, many people say, the PROCESS is more important the RESULTS. The result is not that, which gives you a process. It is the process which takes you to the results.

Even same is the case with LIFE…

Before deciding upon a destination. I think it is better to LOOK AT LIFE first, and then choose a JOURNEY. A journey here, is a GOING THROUGH EXPERIENCE..

If you have exposed yourself to life and has experienced it to some extent, then you’ll realize the purpose and importance of going through experiences.

So, finding a WAY of LIFE, which you feel like, a worth GOING THROUGH EXPERIENCE, is what I mean as CHOOSING a JOURNEY…

Therefore, in life…

“Choose a JOURNEY, not a DESTINATION…”

Thank you…!

Published by Manojava Krishnaiah @Manoj MK

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