Love starts with YOURSELF…!

It starts with you, looking into yourself. It starts with self-awareness and self-exploration.

The foundations of love are ACCEPTANCE and NON-JUDGEMENT.

LOVING YOURSELF here doesn’t mean loving your EGO. It is looking at your own EXISTENCE with a great sense of acceptance and patience. This act of yours, gives you a deep experience of introspection and slowly you start getting aware of WHAT YOU ARE..

You start realizing and understanding your own deep SECRETS and TRUTHS. You develop a great sense of GRATITUDE, JOY and EASINESS with yourself. For the first time you’ll experience the PURPOSE and IMPORTANCE of yourself..

And this is how, one reaches his own CORE or CENTER of his existence or being. And this experience makes a person ORGANIC…

Here, what I mean as ORGANIC is, one becoming NATURAL, LIVELY, SENSITIVE, EMOTIONAL, TRUTHFUL etc., etc., And this is what makes a person again a HUMAN BEING…

So, once a person has again re-visited his human nature, he stops acting in a MECHANICAL way, either with himself or with others..

So, a man at this stage of EVOLUTION, acts only from his organic nature. So, then for such a person, the EXPERIENCE of LOVE always springs INSIDE-OUT and also OUTSIDE-IN…

So, this is the stage of evolution, where you arrive at, by LOOKING into YOURSELF…

So, I repeat LOVE always starts with YOURSELF, i.e., you, looking into yourself…

Thank you…!

Published by Manojava Krishnaiah @Manoj MK

Just a MAVERICK...!

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