An attempt to EXPLORE LIFE…


There are two dimensions to life.One is a physical(material) dimension and the other is a non-physical dimension. The beauty of human life is that, we can have an intense experience of both of them.

The physical dimension of life is dealt with human logic and intellect in the name of SCIENCE and TECHNOLOGY. Whereas, the non-physical dimension of life is generally treated as divine, mystical, Godly etc.,

Materialists deny the existence of non-physical and Non-materialists(generally theists and spiritual people) experience something beyond materialistic in their existence of life.

So, this is the reason why SCIENTIFIC people and SPIRITUAL(even religious) people are always at a war with each other, thinking that, both these dimensions of life are opposite to each other.

As, Osho Rajneesh said, these dimensions of life are not opposite to each other but they are complementary. So, the approach must not be the same, while one is dealing with those two dimensions.

In my life, I have understood this, after going through various influences of life like, Ram Gopal Varma(RGV), Sadguru Jaggi Vasudev, Osho Rajneesh etc.,

So, while attempting to explore the non-physical dimension of life, I myself had gone through and even going through an interesting, exciting and even an adventurous and mysterious journey.

In my life on the path of exploration, the first thing I felt like looking into is TRUTH…

Seeking TRUTH, slowly introduced me, what is LOVE…

And with LOVE, next came the concept of GOD…

And with GOD, what came into my path is SOUL…

And with SOUL, where I have arrived at is ART…..

So, my whole non-physical experience of life made me realize the following,

“What is GOD is what is TRUTH. What is TRUTH is what is LOVE. What is LOVE is what is SOUL. And finally what is SOUL is what is ART….”

This is what i have understood EXISTENTIALLY…

Thank you…!

Published by Manojava Krishnaiah @Manoj MK

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