On Passion…

The dictionary meaning of the word, passion is, an extreme liking for something…

In my life, I too came across a lot about, people using the word passion. They say, “work with passion..”, “be passionate..” etc.,

Now, I would like to share, my first hand experience of the word passion or about being passionate..

For me, passion is all about, what a person intensely wants to do, out of his will and life force..

Passion emerges from the very CORE of a human being. It cannot be found on the SURFACE. That’s why, I feel passion is not just about liking or disliking something..

Passion is when a person feels an intense necessity to express his basic life energy on a particular work, and the fulfillment of which gives a great existential satisfaction for such person…

Simply, in other words, a person extremely liking or loving a particular work beyond any particular motivation..

Ex: Motivation of money, fame, respect etc.,

I feel, a passionate work is associated with such a passionate person in terms of EXCITEMENT and SATISFACTION..

The excitement of the person about his work, will be directly proportional to the satisfaction he derives from it’s accomplishment…

Therefore, finally, a person’s passion can be found only at his CENTER..Not on his SURFACE…

So, finding one’s own passion is a matter of HUMAN EVOLUTION….!

Published by Manojava Krishnaiah @Manoj MK

Just a MAVERICK...!

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