On Patriotism and Peace…

Patriotism is about the LAND…

It is the love that a person can have, on the land on which he was born…

I think, patriotism must never be confused with any other kind of IDENTIFICATIONS of BIRTH like, CASTE, CREED, COLOR, SEX, RACE, REGION and RELIGION..

These identities are based on birth. But patriotism is based on LOVE and RESPONSIBILITY towards the LAND..

I believe, a land belongs to the lives of people, that are born on it, and that are going to die on it. Irrespective of any other diversities of birth..

And that is why, I think, patriotism can be cultivated. It can be consciously chosen by the people which is not like their identifications of birth..

And such a choice must happen out of their love and responsibility towards their land..

Once a citizen starts loving the land of his country, slowly or gradually he develops a concern and sensitivity towards the lands of other countries too..

This is how, slowly in the eyes of such a human being, one day, countries disappear and his love and responsibility spreads to the whole land of the globe…

So in my view, patriotism is a route and a way to the global peace. Once the people of a nation start loving their own country putting aside every other diversity, one day, they even start making peace with other fellow nations too..

I believe, this is the whole idea behind the concept of NATIONALISM….

Therefore, I feel, this is the time, people must start identifying themselves with their nations wholeheartedly but not their CASTES, CREEDS, COLORS, SEXES, RACES, REGIONS and RELIGIONS..

In every country, people must roar…

“COUNTRY first, everything next…”

One day, slowly the above slogan becomes…

“EARTH first, everything next….”

Thank you….

Yours ……

One of the many……!

Published by Manojava Krishnaiah @Manoj MK

Just a MAVERICK...!

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