Books and Music…

As on today, I’m a serious addict of BOOKS and MUSIC…

This has happened in my life, as an evolutionary process. I’m not like this, right from my childhood. In fact, I never used to have any book liking or musical taste right from the beginning.

I never thought, one day I’m going to become a book addict. But it has happened. Starting with children stories, self help books, novels, biographies and finally even the most sacred spiritual texts….

I’m reading so much these days especially…

What days..??

Since the last one year, I have been reading very voraciously. My library has been increasing very rapidly. My love for books has become so intense such that, I’m not reading them in my free time. I’m especially making time to read. I’m intentionally freeing myself for them….

Coming to the music, I used to have a habit of listening to my favorite songs only during the travel. But, slowly I have got in touch with my own taste of individual music, which can leave an existential impact on me, and thereby listening to such music has almost become my living necessity….

For me as on today….

A day without MUSIC is almost like a day without BREATHING…

Music has literally touched the very core of my existence. I really cannot identify myself away from such kind of music, which I’ll be naturally attracted to ,or excite about…

One day, finally I have looked back and attempted to analyse these influences of BOOKS and MUSIC on me…

Surprising or Interestingly, fortunately or unfortunately I don’t know, but what I have realized is….

The reason behind this addiction of mine towards them is, because of my DISGUST on the REALITY…

The DISGUST, I have been experiencing so long, on the REALITY around me, is what made me addicted to BOOKS and MUSIC…

I really, even now, don’t like the people, situations and all around me, in which I’m deeply trapped in…

So, I really want this DISGUST of mine, on my REALITY to continue… So that I can live my life more and more INSIDE MY HEAD…

But still, I really hope, someday MY REALITY becomes BEAUTIFUL too….

This is the whole story behind, me becoming a BIBLIOPHILE and a MELOPHILE….

Anyway, thank you so much for reading up to this….

Yours ……….

one of the many…..!

Published by Manojava Krishnaiah @Manoj MK

Just a MAVERICK...!

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