Black Out….

I literally don’t know, what has happened in USA. But getting aware of the incident about, what happened to George Floyd, through social media, I was just shocked…..😲😲


I can’t figure it out, why in a country like USA, an incident like this ever happened….

I love the country America, for it’s huge respect for FREEDOM, INDIVIDUALITY, EXPRESSION, RATIONALITY, TECHNOLOGICAL PROGRESSION etc of all it’s citizens, irrespective of their CLASS, RACE, REGION or RELIGION etc.,

But, why a thing like this has happened to to an African-American…??

This happening, definitely, remains as an unforgettable TRAUMA in the hearts of all the seekers of HUMANITY, all around the GLOBE…

But, a thing which has drawn my attention greatly is, the RESPONSES and PROTESTS of the citizens of America… 👏👏

The whole country has come on to a single stand, and is protesting against the INJUSTICE, that was so happened…👌👌

I think, the world needs to learn a lot, from the SPIRIT of REVOLUTION being shown by the Americans irrespective of CASTE, CREED, COLOR, SEX, RACE, REGION, RELIGION and NATIONALITY towards HUMANITY…😍😍

“Each and every LIFE on planet EARTH…. MATTERS…”

Bravo AMERICA….!🙏🙏

Published by Manojava Krishnaiah @Manoj MK

Just a MAVERICK...!

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