On Experience..

The dictionary meaning of the term, EXPERIENCE is, an event or occurrence which leaves an impression on someone..

But, what I feel as the actual meaning of experience is…

It is an occurrence that has happened to a person, which opens a new dimension of life within that person…

It is something, which very deeply and even personally affects someone. And after such an experience, one cannot be the same person, as he was before. Something happened to the person, which is far bigger than him/ her. And that person has been totally moved to the core. And he/ she cannot be the same, what they were before.. Such an expansion, unveiling happening is actually what an EXPERIENCE is…

Generally, many people say, life is an experience. And they want to experience it etc., But they totally miss the nature of experience, in it’s true sense. They confuse experiencing with enjoying.. They think that living a luxurious or a lavish life is experiencing life..

But that is a great misconception.. Taking life as a MEDIUM OF EXPERIENCE, means not just enjoying the luxuries of life. Just making life a matter of pleasure, is not an EXPERIENTIAL LIFE.. You need to struggle, you need to take pain, you have to go through many hardships of life, in order to open the experiential dimension of your existence..

In order to tap such an EXPERIENTIAL DIMENSION within you, what you have to do is, you have to start EXPERIMENTING with life..

When ever you experiment with life, life starts giving various adventures to you.. And while dealing with and going through such adventures, the experiential dimension, which is lying deep inside you, reveals itself to you.. It comes to your awareness..

And, in that moment of realization only, you sense that, the human life itself is just nothing but, HOW YOU EXPERIENCE IT inside..

And later a strong sense of QUEST is felt, to explore the depth of your experiential dimension to it’s truest possible maximum, which you have just discovered, manifests within you..

And with such a QUEST, whatever you do in your life, starts becoming a PART OF YOU.. You feel as if, you are welcoming, each and everything which has life in it, into your experiential dimension. This is how your LIFE FORCE expands and you start sensing the true meaning of EXPERIENCING…

Finally, I would like to conclude this expression of opinion of mine, on the topic of experience, by referring the best words, I have ever read or heard about, EXPERIENCE, EXPERIENCER and EXPERIENCING….

“Any experience, doesn’t depends on the object, that is subjected to such experience.. Experience always depends on the EXPERIENCER.. And on the QUALITY of EXPERIENCING…” – Osho Rajneesh….!

Published by Manojava Krishnaiah @Manoj MK

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