Living in the Contemporary Existence..

The word CONTEMPORARY literally means, living or occurring in the PRESENT…

And existence refers to a state of living…

So, contemporary existence can be inferred as, living in a state, which totally belongs to the present… Not the past, or the future.. Living in the present tense..

This is almost impossible for 90% of people, because, they don’t exist NOW… They exist THEN…

This is because, they always choose to live IN and WITH their MINDS…

MIND by definition, is just an accumulation of past.. It has nothing new to it.. Whatever you carry in your mind, is just either an IDENTIFICATION, or a CONDITIONING, which you have received from your RELIGION(Priest) or your SOCIETY(Politician)..

But, your EXISTENCE, cannot be satisfied with your psychological faculties. Your existence is far more bigger and vast than your mind..

Therefore, whatever you do with your mind, rarely gives you an existential satisfaction.. There will be always a void, a hollowness left unaddressed within you..

So, living in the contemporary existence means, trying to get rid of your own past(mind) and attempting to live in the present..

This is the whole essence of all meditative practices. This is the meaning of being, on the path of EVOLUTION..

This mean that, only a MEDITATIVE MAN can live in the present.. Meditating here, doesn’t always mean, going to hills or forests and trying many difficult postures of sitting and sleeping…

Where ever you are and whatever you are doing, always attempt to pour your WHOLE BEING into it.. Be there and do it with your whole LIFE ENERGY.. That is how, slowly your MIND EVAPORATES and your BEING EVOLVES…

History(past) is outgrown and the future becomes a SELF-CREATION…


Most of the political heads of our countries or states and religious heads of many religions all over the globe are not CONTEMPORARIES… Very few are CONSCIOUS about it and many are still UNCONSCIOUS.. Some drag you to the past and other try to bluff you about your future..

So, by the most powerful influences of those two kinds of people, you totally miss the present..

Even psychologically viewing, with your past, you are familiar. And with your future you are hopeful.. This psychological attitude of your’s only, make you more and more vulnerable to the above mentioned influences of your PRIESTS and POLITICIANS.. And finally, you end up getting exploited by them, for your whole life…

So, the contemporary nature of your existence, can be revealed to you, only through attempting to live in the present, by adopting various meditative practices..

So finally, the more you MEDITATE, the more you live in the PRESENT..

The more you live in the PRESENT, the more CONTEMPORARY your existence becomes…

The more CONTEMPORARY you become, the more you EVOLVE..

And the more you EVOLVE, the more PEACEFUL you become…

This is also one of the most promising ways to LIVE IN PEACE… Therefore, this PATH itself can be considered as a RELIGION….!

Published by Manojava Krishnaiah @Manoj MK

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