Truth and Human Consciousness..

Consciousness means, WHAT YOU KNOW about WHO YOU ARE…

It is an identity. An identification of SELF…

When you question yourself, WHO AM I..?? The answers all you get, are from your MIND…

Your name, your place, your parents, your likes, dislikes, desires etc., etc., These are what you have accumulated during the due course of formation of your mind..

So, it is clearly evident that, whatever you call as your’s, is just your psychological identification.

So, consciousness means looking deep into you and evolving beyond your psychological identifications. There is a lot of space within you, which is beyond your mind. You, yourself have to explore it..

And such an exploration is a PROCESS.. It is a process of constant evolution. The more you move deep inside you, the more your mind disappears..

Slowly, what you are identifying yourself with, moves beyond your MIND and all PSYCHOLOGICAL IDENTITIES, and you slowly get in touch with your BEING…

It is being said by many Spiritual texts and Spiritual seekers, that, such a search for higher stages of consciousness, can lead a seeker to the ultimate state of Universal Consciousness..

In such a state, not just your mind or body, whatever is there around you with LIFE(all living things), will be brought into your experience of LIVELINESS… To your experience of consciousness… To the experience of YOU…

What to do with TRUTH over here…???

Ans: Truth is something, which brings a UNION in your life’s experiential dimension. With truth, you can’t be dual or double standard..

Everything which is dual in nature, dissolves into ONE, by approaching it with TRUTH…

Either good or bad, be TRUTHFUL.. Either right or wrong be truthful. Such a truthful approach eliminates the burden of SPLIT that you have been carrying inside you, over a very long period of time..

By approaching everything in life with truth, such a split disappears, and your life’s energy becomes a UNITY.. At such a state, you get in touch with your life’s energy, and you feel totally self-conscious for the first time…

So, if seeking truth is a burden or a problem, it might be for others(people around you), but not for you..

For you, it is a great relaxation, a joy, an evolutionary experience…

So, with such unity of life’s energy, happened out of TRUTH WALKING, you can start seeking the other higher stages of CONSCIOUSNESS…

I sense, it is therefore, the father of our nation(India), Mr. M.K. Gandhi said…

“There is no GOD…. Beyond TRUTH…”

And, what I mean by WALKING TRUTH is:





Note: TRUTH SEEKING is just for YOU(Your own evolution)… Not for anyone else… So, you can be absolutely SELFISH in it’s PURSUIT…!

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