On Individuality..

Around the whole globe, there are many countries, civilizations, cultures, traditions, societies, religions etc..

There is a diversity of races, geographical conditions, climatic conditions, belief systems, cults etc. etc, all around the globe.

In such a vast space, you were born, in a particular country, in a particular state, in a particular city, in a particular family, in a particular society, in a particular religion etc.,

The way you were grown up, has been influenced by your family, your society, your religion and your country(political influence).

But, beyond your family, beyond your society, beyond your religion, there is YOU…

There is YOU first… Later all the above mentioned influences, forces have taken over you or imposed on you..

INDIVIDUALITY is all about, you looking into YOURSELF, understanding and sensing what you were been influenced by, what you were forced into, what you ARE, and what you ARE NOT…

It is a QUEST to find your original YOU… The original YOU, which was taken over by the belief systems of religions, casteisms of societies, cults, races etc., during the period of your GROWING UP..(your MAKING)

Individuality is finding or seeking your true identity which is totally UNIQUE TO YOURSELF and which is beyond any kind of identities, you were into, like, CASTE, CREED, COLOR, SEX, RACE, REGION, RELIGION and NATIONALITY…

Why Individuality…??

Ans: Individuality of an individual is worth seeking because, human life is always unique. No two humans, can ever be identical.. But such uniqueness of your’s is deep hidden within you. You are not yet, aware of it. So, if you can discover your own individuality, your own uniqueness, your own purpose, then for the first time, you feel a great relaxation, bliss and ecstacy..

Because you are no more in competition. You are no more running after anything, you have arrived. You are still. You are no more a member of any MOB. You are YOU.. You are an INDIVIDUAL… And you even realize that, no one is YOU..

From now, mob psychologies don’t work on you. Mob manipulations can’t deceive you. You have discovered your individual purpose. You have looked in.. And tapped your OWN NATURE.. So, once you are in harmony with your own nature, then only you can be in harmony with the ULTIMATE NATURE..

Only, when you are peaceful with your SELF… Then only you can be in peace with OTHERS..

Once you know, you are unique, then only you can sense and realize every other person, even every other living thing around you is unique too…

And whenever this DISCOVERY happens, the “DIVERSITY OF NATURE(Diversity of all living things)” is welcomed. And when diversity is welcomed, Unity of existence automatically prevails…

This is the concept behind “UNITY IN DIVERSITY”….!


  1. Individuals are ALONE… Not LONELY..
  2. Individuals doesn’t belong to any RELIGION. They are MEDITATERS..
  4. The ultimate aim of individuals, is to make a LIFE… LIVING IN PEACE….!

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