On Sidney Sheldon…

Sidney Sheldon was an American writer, who was regarded as the world’s master story teller of his times.

I have heard his name for the 1st time, in one of the speeches of Shri S.S. Rajamouli sir, who is a prominent film director in the Indian Film Industry.

Again later, I came across his name in one of the newspaper interviews of an Indian film actor Shri Prabhas sir.

Generally, I never used to have any interest in foreign films, other action films from Hollywood which excite many Indian audience a lot and lot.

But, as far as Sidney Sheldon is concerned, I just thought of giving a try. I have gone through him over internet and bought one of his novels, whose description(PLOT) attracted me.

And the name of that novel is “If tomorrow comes”.

This novel totally moved me to the core. I felt like, as if I have gone through something, which is totally UNIQUE, FANTASTIC, REALISTIC, DRAMATIC, INSIGHTFUL, INTRIGUING etc etc.

My actual excitement and satisfaction is that, for the first time in my life, I have UNDERSTOOD, got INVOLVED and INFLUENCED by a foreign text…. Wow… It’s a very very big thing to me.

Before Sidney Sheldon, I had an experience of going through many Indian author’s works. But I never felt this way before.

Mr. Sidney Sheldon is something different… And I have experienced it…

Then, I have decided that, this man is of some great importance, and I need to look more deeper into his works.

The works I have gone through of his, till now are:

  1. If tomorrow comes..
  2. Bloodline..
  3. Rage of Angles..
  4. Nothing lasts for ever..
  5. Stranger in the mirror..

Each and every work mentioned above are just UNIQUE of their kind. Each addresses a particular space of environment or field in the society. One dealt with illegal activities(Mafia). Other with a commerce backdrop, and another with legal and medical professions etc.,

In this way, I was exposed to so much of knowledge regarding those areas, and I give the total credit of the introduction and expansion of my global perception as on today, to Mr. Sidney Sheldon.

It is him, who has given me a proper introduction about America and Europe by making great mentions of various cities and other places in his novels. I have got exposed to the western cultures to some extent too…

So, there by, the novels of Sidney Sheldon has started giving me EDUCATION, EXPERIENCE and CONNECTIONS…

I always used to feel an unveiling experience within me, while reading his novels.

Finally, I here, by very happily, promise to myself that, I’ll never leave Mr. Sidney Sheldon and I always make time time to go through his all other works, Since, the impact or impression he left on me is far and far more than UNFORGETTABLE..

Because, it’s not just an IMPRESSION…


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